Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Hello all! Day 11 is all about the hard things I am walking through right now and how or if I see God showing up on my behalf. I am starting to feel like these days are pretty much a repeat of each other…a reminder to thank God for ALL that happens in my life because his hand is in everything. The point I have gathered from all the days up until now is that even when it feels like you are abandoned, God is working in the background to make it all work out. Unlike the “Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz” God’s reach is not smoke and mirrors. It is hard to see how things will work when there is no man behind the curtain but I am learning to trust that He IS working in the background for my betterment.

Anyway, back to day 11. Some hard things I am walking through right now that I see God showing up on my behalf? The pursuit of money is a big one. I have a “working interview” at the shelter job I applied for. You know, the job that just appeared at the very time I was asking God to open doors for me if He thought I should get a part time job. The same job that had set hours and when I said I was unable to work those hours but offered different hours instead, they said okay? Yea, I would say God was behind all that! I mean, if I had been asking around and applying at places but I HAD NOT EVEN STARTED LOOKING when the job presented itself to me. If that isn’t God giving me a sign, I don’t know what is!

Money is always a big reason people pray to God I think. People who don’t consistently pray will ask for God to grant them “this job, this win fall, etc.” They will promise in return to be believers and I bet some actually see God in their fortune and DO become believers. More often, though, it doesn’t work out as they expect and they blame God for not answering their pleas. Money is a big reason for me NOT to pray in the past. I have, in the past, not ‘wasted my time with prayer’ when there were things to do. I have always just figured out what I needed to do and then do it. I now realize that I have never truly been on my own, God has been patiently waiting in the backdrop for me to see Him and how He is helping me. Thank you God for loving me and working for me even when I was unaware of your help. Even when I was feeling like you had left me to take care of myself and I didn’t acknowledge you–I truthfully didn’t believe that You were there and that you had abandoned me. Still, you continued to work in my favor. Thank you Father!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever. Psalms 118:1

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