Mother’s Day…do I have to?!

Today is Mother’s Day. I started to go to church…I got dressed in a pretty skirt and shirt, I drank some coffee. But before I left, I realized that Dora (my betta fish) needed to be put in a clean tank. So, I did that. When I realized I had just enough time to get to church, I put on a sweater and headed out. Except it was colder out than I realized, so I went back in to get a coat. I put a coat on and walked to my car. I was still pretty cold and I decided that I was going back to bed. It is Mother’s Day and so I can do what I want, right?!

I put my pajama pants back on and started watching tv. Now I am sitting here wishing that I hadn’t promised my own Mom that I would pick her up and bring her to my cousin’s house for lunch because I would rather just stay here and binge watch “My Cat From Hell” on Hulu.

My cats are not getting along lately so that is another thing for me to focus my attention on. My newest cat has really bad anxiety and is scratching/licking his fur off. I think my resident cat, Ella, is stalking him so he is always afraid. I am keeping his sequestered in my room for about a week to see if it improves and then I will slowly reintegrate them back into the house together. It is what I do, after all 🙂

**I went to my cousin’s and it was really great. I don’t know when leaving the house will be the norm for me rather than such a big struggle but i look forward to it!!!!

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