Matthew 25:15 to 30–Parable of the Talents

Today in Crew we talked about the parable of the three Servants who are entrusted with caring for the Master’s money. God is the Master and the servants are basically us, in case you don’t know the story! The first two make good choices and double their Master’s money. The third Servant is afraid of the Master and buries the money he is entrusted with. When the Master returns, he tells the first two what a great job they did and that he will be giving them more responsibilities because they can obviously handle it. The third one, however, he pretty much tells him that he sucks and throws him out.

The thing that was pointed out in my crew was that the third Servant did not have faith in the gift that God had given him. He didn’t really know God, he said he was basically mean and he stole stuff that he didn’t work for. By burying the money, he let fear override the ability the Master thought he had to handle the money.

I would like to bring this story to modern day time and my life. I know what you are thinking…It’s not always about you, Amanda…except, I am the author of this blog so it kind of is! Seriously, though. Follow me here, this hit a cord.

I just graduated from my Diploma in Cat Behavior and Psychology. The goal had been to use the degree to advance my career as a Cat Sitter and maybe move into cat behavior jobs. I posted on Facebook when I graduated with a picture of my degree. I feel really good about myself. I know that God is the push that led me to pursue this in the first place. In some ways, I think Al getting sick and not being able to be left home alone was God’s way to put me on the path I needed to be on to even think about this. Maybe it is a stretch, but being a cat behaviorist seems to be a gift God has given to me.

But instead of using it to double my income, I had every intention of adding it to my list of things I have gone to school for but will never really use. Except, God was not okay with that. Instead of letting me bury the money, He sent a few people to remind me that I am worthy in the way of needing a cat behaviorist to help them with their cat problems. And I have grown enough in my Faith to believe that I do possess the gifts from God needed to help people with their problems. The bottom line is, I am like the middle Servant. I have a bit more skill that the least entrusted and less than the most entrusted. Eventually I will be in the Most Entrusted category because I will not just bury the money and sit in the dark waiting for judgement about it. The reason the first servant got the biggest amount of money was because he had the biggest ability to watch over the Master’s prized possessions. Everything I do in God’s name gives me more abilities to care for his possessions.

I am still learning because I refuse to just sit stagnant. God will present more to me as I accomplish what he gives. I think that is the beauty of being a Christ-follower. You never really know what gifts you will be given but you can’t just sit around with your Master’s money buried under the tree to keep it from being stolen. You have to just know that God has got you in his sights and step out in faith. His answers may not be the one you are expecting but they will always be the right ones!

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